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Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha - Artist's Books

We are pleased to be offering a group of Ed Ruscha's artist's books.  

Kandinsky prints

Three woodcut prints produced in 1938 as part of Issue 3 volume 1 of the magazine XXieme Siecle, edited by
Ark Magazine

Ark Magazine

ARK, a style and design journal created by RCA students, was part of an era of cultural transformation across fashion, film, television, advertising, newspapers and magazines.
Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth - Gessamelte Werke

In 1969, Roth began planning Collected Works, a self-published twenty-volume catalogue raisonné that would contain, collect, classify, organize, and document much of the work he had made to date.

Eduardo Paolozzi - The Sculptor's Studio

Paolozzi (1924-2005) Plasters from the contents of Eduardo Paolozzi’s Chelsea studio. The artist is best known for his collages and cut-up sculptures...
Une Semaine de Bonté

Une Semaine de Bonté

The last three volumes of Max Ernst's five-part masterpiece of surrealist collage, from 1934. This is not a reprint. £450, £600, £600.

Zervos, Christian: PABLO PICASSO - Cahiers d'art

  Vol. 2, Parts I & II OEUVRES DE 1912 A 1917 (through to) Vol.
Stamp Out Art


 Lithograph mounted on franked envelopes signed with initials in ink by David Hockney. From an edition of 250.