Holiday - John Tunnard

Tunnard trained as a designer at the RCA (1919-21). In the twenties he sworked for a number of textile companies; in the thirties he moved to Cornwall and started a hand-blocked silk business with his wife. He taught design at Penzance School of Art (1948-65). Holiday is perhaps the most abstract of the School Prints. Read considered Tunnard a Surrealist at heart. Elements of Tunnard's work have been linked to the stylization necessary for textile design, but Read saw Tunnard more influenced by his love for, and knowledge of, nature. "A painting by John Tunnard begins in the order of nature: it traverses the phantasms of the imagination; and then it ends in the order of art, which is an analogy of the mystical mathematics of the City of Heaven." (1997, Alan Peat and Brian Whitton, John Tunnard: His Life and Work Scolar Press)  Full Image