We are stockists of rare and second hand publications on 20th and 21st Century Art.

The School Prints

 "The School Prints Series" was dreamt up towards the end of WW-2, when Brenda Rawnsley and her husband Derek had the idea of bringing contemporary art to young children by putting 'good' art into schools.
Mehrdad Rashidi

Mehrdad Rashidi exhibition at Marcus Campbell

We are pleased to announce an exhibition of selected works by Mehrdad Rashidi, in association with Henry Boxer Gallery - 24th June 2020 12-4pm Wednesday-Saturday. Mehrdad Rashidi was born in the town of Sari in Northern Iran in 1963.
History of Nothing

Eduardo Paolozzi - History of Nothing (negative trims)

16 mm b&w film. 3.13 minutes, negative trims from the completed film (approx. 20 mins). The trims have been assembled by a film laboratory in London, and also transferred to a digital file, enclosed.
Eduardo Paolozzi.

From the Paolozzi studio

Plasters and Maquettes from the studio of the late Eduardo Paolozzi.
Art Auction Catalogues

Modern British Art Auction Catalogues - A Collection

A near - complete run of Modern British Art auction catalogues from the 70's to the present day. Southeby's, Christie's, Bonham's, Phillips. Now £4000.
Fragments of Utopia

Fragments of Utopia - David Wild

Eight of the original collages that formed the basis of David Wild's 'Fragments of Utopia: Collage Reflections of Heroic Modernism'.Constructed from mainly contemporary sources, the collages recount episodes in moder
Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly - Lithographic Exhibition Posters

Three vintage exhibition posters fro Galerie Maeght, each £450.
Alan Riddell

Concrete Poetry - Alan Riddell

Alan Riddell, Poet, Artist and Journalist, was born of Scottish parents in Townsville, Australia in 1927.  He was educated in Scotland where he founded the Scottish Poetry Magazine Lines in 1952.
Theo Mendez

Theo Mendez 1934-1997 - Works on Paper

Born and living in London, Mendez was a painter, muralist and art teacher. Sometime textiles designer and head of the textiles department at Camberwell School of Art, his abstract compositions place him fir
James Meller

Vintage ICA Posters by James Meller

A collection of original ICA posters from the sixties designed by James Meller. Mint Condition. £50 - £250.