Timber Felling - Michael Rothenstein

Rothenstein, the younger son of William, studied at Chelsea School of Art (1923) and Central School of Arts and Crafts (1924-7). He was a major contributor to the "Recording Britain" project. Early on, he chose printmaking as his primary activity. In I94I he moved to Great Barfield, where he established an experimental printing workshop. He was to write a number of books on printmaking. He taught the subject at Hornsey College of Art (197I-80) and, with by then an international reputation, did much teaching abroad. Timber Felling was Rothenstein's first editioned print. It records a scene he had noticed on his way to Great Dunmow, Essex. The colours he used were green, black, brown, pink, purple and red. (1993, Tessa Sidey, The Prints of Michael Rothenstein, Scolar Press) Full Image